Kiawah Half Marathon
December 7, 2008, 12:20 pm
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Adam and I ran the half at Kiawah this weekend.

We ran 13.1 in 2:30:55 and DID NOT WALK! WOOOOOOO!

The pictures tell the story…

kiawah-half-marathon-006Before breakfast

kiawah-half-marathon-012Mile 2 – feeling GOOD

kiawah-half-marathon-016Mile 10 – Harder to smile here.

kiawah-half-marathon-018Aaand the home stretch – NOT feeling good.

kiawah-half-marathon-0191Yep. Puking in stride. Multiple times.


kiawah-half-marathon-032WE DID IT!!

kiawah-half-marathon-048Walking back to the car.

kiawah-half-marathon-056Oh heck yes.

Advertisements strikes again
November 3, 2008, 9:38 am
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Periodically I scan for outrageous stories….

Look what I found today.

Volunteer FIESTA!!!!!!
October 23, 2008, 3:18 pm
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Last week we had a party for our majestic production volunteers.

It was off the chain.

We get to serve with the best team around!!!!!!!!!

Pictures say it all…

Check in hallway transformed into Fiestaland

A dangerous trio…

All the peeps!!

PiƱata craziness

We did do actual training afterwords…

October 20, 2008, 2:22 pm
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You’ve probably heard that UNLEASH 09 is coming!

It’s going to ROCK.

And, I found out today from Tony that the ridiculously-low-super-duper-early-bird-registration ($39) ends Oct. 29th.

That’s a week from Wednesday for all you non-number people. You might want to take advantage of that.

You can register or get more info on Tony’s blog here. YEAH!

October 20, 2008, 10:55 am
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I sent an email the other day to my sister’s friend Caroline.

She is unchurched.

She is in law school.

Upon seeing “Majestic Programming Director” in my signature, she replied:

thanks for the pics.

hope things are good with you. i intend to require the word “majestic” in all of my future job titles.

future majestic attorney at law

Interesting outside perspective, huh?

Brands matter.

Random thoughts
October 1, 2008, 10:30 am
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I can’t focus today.

A) It’s October and I want to go play outside

B) Adam and I are going to Charleston this weekend and I want to go NOW (a shrimping excursion is in store)

C) For the last 6-8 YEARS I have wanted one of these….and dad called yesterday and said he found not one, but TWO. They will be coming home with me. (yes, baby squirrels make amazingly fun pets)

D) My new roommate Amanda and I are in the final stages of closing a deal on the sweetest condo in Anderson – we are waiting for the final offer today.

The good news is that the kid’s team had an amazing meeting this morning about our upcoming Christmas series and I am PUMPED about our team pulling it together! It’s going to be the best one EVER so that’s good motivation to start working now!!!!!!!!

September 30, 2008, 3:30 pm
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God’s been doing some heavy-hitting in my life recently.

He is removing some things that offend him.

If you’ve ever been there you know the bitteresweetness of refinement. It burns, it hurts, it breaks us….but in the deepest part of our soul we yearn for it in light of the glory of God. We know that the breaking IS the blessing because that’s where we become more like Jesus.

So, one thing that’s gotta go is…performance based Christianity.

So many Christians fail to perceive UNCONDITIONAL love of God. It has taken me years to even begin to comprehend it. Especially since I grew up in a performance based home where nothing was ever good enough. If I got all A’s and one B it wasn’t “good job” it was “what happened with that B?”

Needless to say, when I accepted Christ in my life I had to unlearn that mentality and relearn UNCONDITIONAL. It’s a process.

God loves me no matter what. He loves me wildly when I don’t read my bible every day. He loves me wildly when I don’t pray. He loves me wildly when I have a crappy attitude. He loves me wildly when I don’t want to. He loves me wildly when I throw a pity party for myself. He loves me wildly when I choose to sin. He loves me wildly when I want to quit. He loves me wildly in my darkest moment.

He loves me wildly because when he looks at me he sees JESUS, not me.

Jesus died for me and saved me when I was his enemy. Ever since then he has stood before the throne of grace on my behalf.

HE chose to accept ME.

His love has never been conditional. It has never depended on me. So why in the world do I operate like it does? Why do I feel guilty if a day goes by and I haven’t read my bible or sat down to pray?

When we fall short we somehow think we’ve damaged our credibility with God. Our confidence in God is affected. We hold back. We fear. We’re timid. We think we won’t hear from him unless we do everything right. Maybe that’s what Satan wants us to believe.

The truth of the matter is that we are really human and God really loves us in spite of ourselves.

Real confidence comes from who he is, not what we do.