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January 21, 2008, 4:26 pm
Filed under: Ah-ha, Ministry

Last Sunday day I had an “ah-ha” moment as I walked through our parking lot.

People were pouring in all over the place because it was peak arrival time. Some who parked in the back had a slightly extended walk to get to the building. (I’d imagine that a few hundred yards down a paved parking aisle probably feels like eternity to a first time guest who doesn’t really know what to expect).

So, as I saw these droves of people walking down the rows I thought, “man, it’d be awesome if a greeter were right here welcoming them…even farther out than the main sidewalk. What a great expansion opportunity. We need to do that.”

Then, I got to thinking…. what other expansion opportunities are available on ALL of our teams? What would we do if we suddenly had 500 people who were ready to sign up to serve today. Where would we put them so that they could be actively engaged in hands-on meaningful ministry? What systems are in place to handle the logistics? Where and how would they receive clear direction?

Sometimes it’s easy to slip into the “we have what we need” mentality. I was reminded that I better be thinking ahead and prompting my leaders to do the same – anticipating and expecting the surge.

Are you?


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