January 23, 2008, 9:00 am
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At home group the other night my friend Katherine shared an amazing story of her twenty-something year old friend who recently accepted Christ. He was one of those people who grew up around Christians his whole life but never wanted anything to do with God. Know someone like that?

Turns out that the incongruence of his “Christian” friends had turned him off. Based on their double lives he had adopted the notion that all Christian’s are hypocrites. Imagine that. He learned that Christians say one thing and do another. What they claim to believe does not match what they live, so why bother with God? I’m sure you probably know a Christian or two who acts like that.

Maybe you meet one every day when you look in the mirror.

After our conversation I couldn’t help but ask the tough questions about my own life. What do people see when they turn the telescope to me? As they get closer WHO comes more into focus, God or myself? Are they drawn to him or lead astray by my actions?

When they look into my wallet do they see generous God-honoring decisions or impulsive stupidity?

When they look into my relationships do they see love or hate?

When they look into my work do they see a servant or a power hungry gold digger?

When they look at my body do they see a lazy glutton or someone who honors the temple of the holy spirit?

When they look at my life do they see someone who believes and lives out God’s promises or someone who is paralyzed by fear?

When they look at me on Friday night do they see the same person who shows up to church on Sunday morning?

It’s not always conversations about God that reveal His truth. A lot of times, it’s much easier. People are watching. God help me if I ever become the next Christian hypocrite who discolors the name of Jesus by living a double life.

May my actions scream so loud that people can’t help but notice Jesus in me.


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Syd – Love the questions. I should ask myself these often. 🙂 Glad you’re up and running in blog world!

Comment by Whitney

Like, whoa. Thanks. 🙂

Comment by Tiffany Tucker

Wow Syd – this really makes me think of how much work is needed in me for me to be the shining light that God created me to be. Thanks

Comment by Bill

may we all be better at this
may we be refined and purified as gold
in the Refiner’s fire

Comment by Adam Lehman

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