February 6, 2008, 9:36 am
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Just for fun, here are five weird facts:

1. I have a sick obsession with drinking from large styrofoam cups.

2. I frequently go to Bed Bath & Beyond just to sit in the massage chair – usually for at least 15 minutes at a time.

3. There is a small rug by my bed so I can wipe my feet before I get in.

4. Unopened emails in the deleted items folder are unacceptable.

5. When I’m low on laundry my socks seldom match my outfit or each other.

What are yours?


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Dirty clothes arranged in a pyramid-shaped pile will spontaneously clean themselves if left undisturbed for 3 weeks.

haha 🙂

Comment by -joe d.

1. ketchup makes anything taste better
2. peanut butter or peas serves as a whole meal
3. clean clothes make it out of the dryer but seem to hate getting on hangers
4. my christmas tree and decorations have yet to be put up
5. i love having my toes “did” with crazy designs (right now they are pink with red hearts!)

Comment by Jennifer Turner

1. I occasionally enjoy frozen popcorn. Totally weird.
2. I like to touch as little as possible when out in “public”
3. I will sign up for newsletters, never read them and rarely unsubscribe.
4. I will put a CD in my car radio and likely leave it in for weeks at a time. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard John Mayer Trio – TRY! in its entirety.

Comment by DJ

1. Constantly want to wash my hands, especially at work.
2. don’t like house cleaning. House is not dirty in my opinion but is a little dusty and my it never be sterile.
3. Laundry is separated into white/light colors, dark/jeans, towels, and delicates(silk shirts – have many shirts bought at Sam’s) 🙂
4. Sleep with socks on.
5. Cut my own hair. lol

Comment by Bill

I so want to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and stick a whoopee cushion under the massage chair. 🙂

Comment by Jamie

1. I never separate laundry, just wash everything on cold.
2. I used to throw my legs around my neck like a scarf when I was seven.
3. I don’t believe in top sheets on beds, they are like santa or the easter bunny.
4. The five second rule is more of a suggestion and less of a rule, as long as you saw it hit the ground it is fair game.
5. Anything marked as “enough for two people” is a challenge to conquer at any restaurant.

Comment by johnflowers

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