Who’s sitting next to you?
March 5, 2008, 12:27 pm
Filed under: Perspective

This Sunday my mom was in town with her best friend from forever. I love it when mom comes to the upstate (from Charleston) and I love that she loves coming to NewSpring. However, it was our friend’s first time here. VERY exciting for many reasons…

First Anytime someone gets to experience NewSpring and hear about Jesus that is awesome – especially if it’s their first time here. I freaking love our church and I love the fresh way that we present the gospel. I love for people to experience what they hear me talk about all the time and see for themselves that it really is different. For all the former church haters, church skeptics, or church apathetics out there it’s relevant and unboring. I like that.

Second I get to secretly test my teams and see how they do (Greeters, Ushers, Parkers). I get to ask questions and see if we really accomplish what we think we are accomplishing and if we really come across the way we want to come across. Like…our greeter brigade who intercepts first time visitors. We have signage in the parking lot asking first timers to flash us…with their emergency blinkers…and then we send greeters to get them and walk them in. I specifically asked our friend to follow protocol just to see what happened. Well, they turned on their flashers a little late so my mom started disclaiming that there might not be enough time for a greeter to come. And then…..BAM someone was at their car to say hello and walk with them. The greeters made me proud!!!! GO TEAM…you passed. A+. ps- ushers and parkers also got good reports 🙂

Third Our friend just so happens to be Jewish. That means I got to experience the service from her perspective. Days like these are when I am especially thankful that our church is committed to Jesus and to excellence.

Nothing will open your eyes to your churches level of excellence faster than bringing a lost friend who doesn’t know Jesus. Everything matters and everything is magnified.

I knew when we brought her into the service that there wouldn’t be sucky sound equipment malfunctioning, or tons of crying babies to distract everyone, or people coming in and out of the service, or a half way prepared message that left everyone confused. I knew she would experience the best representation of Jesus that we could offer. And she did. I was also glad that Rose happened to be melting our faces off with Bring Me To Life by Evanescence. Oh my daaaaaang. You can have your face melted off here – 23 minutes in.

After the service our friend had great things to say. She was impressed with how engaging everything was and how relevant the message was. She connected. She got something out of it. And she heard the gospel.

Have I mentioned that I love our church?


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