Who’s sitting next to you? – Part 2
March 6, 2008, 9:00 am
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One last thought from my friend’s visit this past Sunday…

Throughout the day she heard people say things like “God spoke to my heart and said…”, or “I haven’t heard from God yet about…”. I guess it left her wondering because when the service was over this is what she asked:

“This might be a dumb question…but how do you know what God’s voice sounds like? Is it some audible thing? Because…I mean…people can make up just about anything they want to in their head and start believing it…so how do you know it’s God?”

Are you freaking kidding me?

Not pretending to know everything about God’s voice or act like I can always discern it — but scripture tells us that God’s people know his voice. And as believers, we know you hear it in your heart more than in your ears. But she didn’t. It’s so easy to forget the simple things that people don’t know.

We told her that His voice is like an internal compass that gives direction, usually inaudibly. It’s like the voice you hear when you are about to do something that you know you aren’t supposed to do. Or the one that tells you you forgot something. I explained that in the old testament people had to go through a High Priest to talk to God, but people who accept Jesus have a direct connection through Him. I told her that the Holy Spirit takes up residence in someone when they accept Christ and how he is the “counselor” and the one who provides direction – kind of like a GPS.

The funny thing we had spent the weekend navigating around with a GPS and she understood exactly what I meant. We then broke into hysterical laughter as we pictured God saying “Please turn right” in the GPS voice.

What a ridiculous God moment.  He is working.


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That is one of the clearest explanations on what it means to hear God’s voice that I have ever heard. You explained in a few paragraphs what most struggle to explain their whole lives. Thanks for listening to the voice of God and being open to respond to his leading!

Comment by jakebeaty

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