What’s about to happen in Anderson?
March 11, 2008, 12:10 pm
Filed under: Ministry, Perspective

What an amazing weekend at NewSpring.

I can’t wait to see what God does through this new series: THREE. The point: we all have people in our direct sphere of influence who are far from God…and we need to initiate inviting them to church! Easter is the perfect opportunity. So we’re just asking everyone to invite THREE.

To illustrate the point we had fire in the service yesterday. You know it’s gonna be good any time there is [controlled] fire involved. So…at the end Brad lit THREE peoples’ candles who then lit THREE others and the trend continued until the whole auditorium was lit. It was amazing, infectious, exponential, and inspiring.

That’s what God is doing with His church. It can spread that fast. To that many people. As long as we are willing to bring others to a place where they can hear about Jesus. Wow.

The cool part is that NewSpring is already responding. Yesterday (Monday) I went to a local retailer to pick something up. When I told the lady it was for NewSpring she opened her drawer, pulled out an invite card and said, “Is this the same NewSpring? Someone was in here 5 minutes ago and invited me to come.”

Are you serious?

She had heard of NewSpring, but had never been.

Now she is coming on Easter with her daughter and three grandkids.


It’s happening.

So, who are you inviting?


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