UNLEASH unpacked.
March 18, 2008, 2:12 pm
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Lot‘s of buzz about UNLEASH – here and everywhere.

Another amazing day in the life of NewSpring Church.

I’ve done some compiling and want to share a few peoples’ thoughts. Of course, these comments are somewhat slanted in the direction of guest services and NewSpring’s amazing volunteers!

*This is not a bibliography and I did not include sources.


“Arriving on site at 7am we were greeted with football game like screams and cheers. There even was one crazy lady with a megaphone impersonating the guy off extreme makeover home edition.”


“NewSpring, thanks for taking your time, energy, and money to invest in other churches, and for truly understanding we are all on the same team!”


“The band was tighter than my dad’s checking account. The food was delicious, the coffee was strong, the weather was perfect, the atmosphere was electric (boogie woogie woogie woo), the teaching was terrific, the preaching was phenomenal, and the event was second to none. Kudos to the team and volunteers and Newspring for exceeding anyones expectations and doing everything with excellence.”


“Unleash was an amazing experience for our team. We loved it and we are so excited about what God is doing everywhere!”


“I can’t wait to see what comes from UNLEASH – I know I was stretched in so many areas – I know our staff was stretched in so many areas – and it was cool to see some of our volunteers really catch a glimpse of what “could be!” It was an awesome day and I am so glad we were able to be part of it!!”


“The volunteers at NewSpring did an amazing job serving church leaders. It shows the heart of the church, and it communicates value.”


“I came away with several God-inspired ideas (several filled pages in the Moleskin) and connected with some great people. Hands down, it has been my favorite conference on multiple levels. And I attend a lot of conferences.”


“Your volunteers were awesome. They set the bar HIGH for us. “


“One of the highlights and soul stirring encounters for me was New Spring’s Greeter Ministry. THEY WERE SPECTACULAR! They had around 350 volunteers, on a Thursday, who caught the vision for this conference and gave their time to make us feel welcome. These people were remarkable in their attention to conference guests; offering their services; asking if they could assist in anyway; being mindful where you were; and always having authentic and genuine smiles and welcoming you with every word. It was a first and fantastic experience for me. This was the most hospitable church and welcoming people I have ever met.”


“Was absolutely blown away again by the volunteers/greeters Thursday morning at NewSpring. They really know how to get it done! It was so cool to be welcomed with everyone cheering for the four of us from Nashville, TN!”


“Perhaps the most incredible thing about Unleash at NewSpring last Thursday was the volunteers. They absolutely took care of us and showed us the royal treatment. I have never been told “Hi,” “welcome,” “glad you’re here,” etc. so many times by so many people in my life.

I felt honored.

Thank you NewSpring volunteers for making the day incredible!“


“NewSpring Vols – Thank you for all your hard work for Unleash! Thank you for sacrificing your time! Your IMPACT reaches far beyond what you will ever know! Yesterday you had the opportunity to serve over 2000 people whose job is to serve others. By ministering to them, you have indirectly ministered to multiplied thousands. You have IMPACTED how ministry is done all over the United States (and the UK!). What an honor it is to have met you! I hope you were as encouraged as we were by Unleash and I hope you realize how important you are! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”


“Ryan and I were blown away by the Unleash Conference at Newspring Church yesterday. I was amazed at how they had enlisted a crew of about 400 enthusiastic volunteers — who gave us the warmest greeting I’ve ever experienced ANYWHERE in my whole life.

We walked up to the building and some smiling lady asked us where we were from. “Wisconsin”, I replied.


They cheered us into the church, as if we were Green Bay Packers, or the Pope, or somebody special like that!!“


“This place has an impact on you. The greeting you get here is AMAZING! It simply makes you smile. The volunteer effort is beyond what I expected. I love these people.”


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Wow. I am truly humbled. I remember being asked by a woman attending the conference “How did they get all of you to be here?” My response was simply, “They asked.” She was blown away. That impact happened both ways. To hear and see over 2000 Christian men and women singing their guts out, raising their hands in worship, and proclaiming that Jesus is their Lord was a very powerful experience. One that I never want to forget. Count me in for next year!

Comment by Julie

I love these people, too! What an honor to serve beside each of you!! Thank you for your obedience to God’s call in your lives and for your love for Him and His servants!!! I definitely count each of you when counting MY blessings!!!

Comment by Leslie White

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