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March 19, 2008, 10:35 am
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T.D. Jakes brought the heat this year at C3. You probably already know that or could have guessed it. (I’m not the fastest blogger.)

One of my favorite moments in the whole conference was when he talked through Luke 24:13-35. I can’t really do it justice in a short write up but here’s the nutshell.

The point: Jesus’ own people failed to perceive him when he showed up in a different form.

They didn’t perceive his presence when he walked along with them…for seven miles.

They didn’t perceive his sovereignty when he explained everything scripture said about him.

They didn’t perceive him until he did an ordinary thing.

They ate together.

Jesus took the bread, blessed it, broke it, and gave it to them. Then, the light came on. They remembered that they’d seen that before…like with the fishes and loaves. And at the last supper.

It wasn’t until Jesus had an ordinary, yet intimate encounter with them that they remembered who he was.


Then, the Bishop took the analogy even further by saying that God is in the habit of TAKING, BLESSING, BREAKING, and GIVING. He did it with Jacob. Joseph. Abraham. Isaac. Jesus. And he does it with you and me.

We are so quick to want the blessings and we whine and ache when we are broken. But…reality is this: the breaking stage is the blessing stage.

Let that sink in.

Once we’ve been broken then we are ready for God to GIVE us.

I’m glad I serve a God who loves me that much.

He doesn’t prevent everything, but he can redeem anything.


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How did you get so wise? We can really identify with the last part of this posting. We had a major obstacle raise it’s head several months ago.
We have been asking and praying for God’s help and direction in this matter, but we have also been worrying ourselves to death over it. We experienced tension and anger in our marriage due the constant stress of the situation. We had given up hope for any solution to our problem and were preparing for the worst.
At the last of our resolve, GOD sent us a solution. Altough we know in our souls that GOD has always redeemed us, we gave into fear and frustration. We were broken and GOD blessed and gave to us. We thank him for his many blessings and for allowing us to be a small part of this major movement of GOD called Newspring! GOD bless you!

Comment by Mark Harmon

thanks for the insight. My stop here is always fresh and enlightening. May God continue to rain
wisdom down onto you.

Comment by Grant McCurley

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