Easter recap
March 24, 2008, 8:35 am
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We didn’t have church this weekend.


Pepole invited people and God moved.

12,161 people came through our doors, and to our best guess at least 120 of them stood up and made the decision to accept Christ. That’s ridiculous.

I was up in the balcony to witness the invitation for a couple of the services and I was moved. Every time someone stood up I found myself thinking, “That’s someone’s dad. Someone’s mom. Someone’s sister or brother. That was me five years ago.” And the tears came. I saw grown men and women stand up, middle school kids, and college aged women, friends who stood up together…it was powerful.

God was working.

In addition,

  • I saw a volunteer’s 18 year old son accept Christ
  • I saw a young guy with a tracking device on his ankle shake a deputy’s hand before entering the service
  • I saw an adult woman who was so severely handicapped that she had to be carried into the service
  • I saw a volunteer bring a Muslim friend and a Hindu friend
  • I saw a girl and her boyfriend show up because someone invited them that day at lunch at the waffle house
  • I saw a volunteer who was able to worship with her brother and parents for the first time since they were kids
  • I saw the neighbor that I invited and her 5 year old daughter
  • I saw the excitement and hopefulness in a lot of volunteers as they waited for people they invited
  • I saw volunteers step up and serve for two, three, four, or five services
  • I saw the body ministering to the body
  • I saw church.

    If you were here for Easter, what’d you see?


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    Yesterday was Awesome….

    Comment by charles

    I saw first time families with children come from everywhere! I saw a girl from a divorced family bring her father (who doesn’t usually come). I had a wonderful God-filled conversation with my daughter on the way home as she asked “What was your lesson about? Did ya’ll talk about the ressurection?” Then she preceeded to tell me how sad it must make God if we refuse the gift of His son and how he died so painfully on the cross. She said, “It would make me down right mad!”. I love NewSpring!

    Comment by Michelle

    My husband came to church. He has never set foot in NewSpring ever and he said next time he will bring ear plugs. NEXT TIME means he will come back!!!! Proud to service twice!! I love how God moved this weekend.

    Comment by blytheworld

    I heard 385 4K and 5K kids screaming JESUS IS ALIVE!!!! 🙂

    My heart is happy!!

    Comment by Whitney

    I saw the look on my 11 year old son’s face when the passage from Revelation was read and displayed at the beginning of the service. I told him that that was the same Jesus who lives in him.

    Comment by Grant McCurley

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