Tax tribute
April 15, 2008, 8:00 am
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Well, Turbo Tax confirmed that I will receive a share of the government’s money to “stimulate the economy.” Glory. How fun would it be to just drop that kind of cash and buy stuff!??!! YES!!!

Here are a few things that I could easily spend it on:

A plane ticket to California to see my grandparents



Ink for my printer

New golf clubs

Deep sea fishing

My sister (graduating from vet school)

Lavishing some friends to a HUGE dinner

Spa package (mmmmmm)


Part of a plane ticket to Africa

Other things I could do:

Give it ALL to GameTime

Save it

Invest it

Help someone pay off debt

Random acts of kindness

So what will I do?

Give some to NewSpring

Give some to GameTime

Save some

Spend some on others

Spend some on myself

Thank you Dave and Joe for teaching me how to make my money behave!!!


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Syd, yes tell your money what to do. Mine is already toward debt. Feels great.

Comment by Jill

That is awesome! Jason and I plan to do the same thing spend a little, save a little, donate a little. Our first refund went the same way. It is awesome to tell your money what to do. It behaves better that way

Comment by blytheworld

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