Trust the Lord, walk in confidence
April 29, 2008, 3:06 pm
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God taught me a valuable lesson this past Sunday.

THE NUGGET: Walk in confidence when the Lord speaks because He is the one who will finish the work.

Now, before I get into the story you need to know that I hate (loath/detest/despise/abhor/cringe at/can’t stand) confrontation. God did not wire me to embrace it and see it as “an opportunity for success.” Although those are healthy responses to conflict, they are not my natural tendencies. I WANT TO RUN! QUICKLY! IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!!

I’m sure no one else perceives conflict that way though.

So…to make a long story even longer…I’ve sensed the Lord telling me that all this cowardly foolishness of running away from confrontation is over. It’s time to learn to deal with it. It’s time to woman up and tackle the tough conversations that God has placed before me. It’s time to lead.

It’s about obedience. It’s about listening to what the Lord says and then doing it. Presenting the truth in love.

And then…when push back comes we can walk forward in confidence because of what the Lord has done. When we know it’s from him, we know the results are up to him and the hearts involved belong to him. It isn’t a reflection of me because I’m not the one doing it. It is the Lord.

It’s a glorious thing.


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wow!!! God is totally working on this with me too! I feel the exact same way about confrontation. Awesome to know I’m not alone in it. Thanks for the encouragement from this blog! ~Steph

Comment by Steph Gorden

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