Random Monday
May 12, 2008, 9:06 am
Filed under: Ministry, The Word

Here’s the download from this weekend:

  • Jesus moved in the service yesterday. Giving a van to a family with a disabled son AND giving a house to a single mom and her son was over the top. No one other than Jesus can get credit for that. It all points back to him.
  • The video at the end of the service that recapped the food drive, homeland park Christmas, the playground, the home group service day, and cast vision for Greenville and Florence messed me up!
  • Jesus really is making a difference in this community through NewSpring – one life at a time.
  • I talked to a 6th grader yesterday who wanted a bible to give to her friend who doesn’t know Jesus. She actually has 2 friends who needed them. I think her comment was, “I need 2 bibles because I want to talk to my friends about Jesus.” OH MY DANG! That is so awesome….in the SIXTH GRADE!!!!!
  • Yesterday was my last Sunday in Guest Services. It’s been a great run! Colleen will be coming in to take my place as I transition over to the kid’s area. Definitely bitter sweet, but it’s gonna be good!
  • God hit me with this challenge over the weekend:

“Words are not mere words, you know. If they’re not backed by a godly life, they accumulate as poison in the soul.” 2 Tim 2:14

YIKES. Does your life match your words?  Detox anyone?


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Yeah Sydney 🙂 Excited for you!!!

Comment by Jill

A good challenge as you head into children’s ministry. Kids just know when you aren’t genuine. They can see through the best fake smile and the biggest whopper of a story. They also know in a heartbeat whether or not you practice what you preach. Congrats on the move – we’ll miss you terribly – come visit the 5:00 ushers when you can!

Comment by Julie Brown

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