to Twitter or not to twitter
May 21, 2008, 12:26 pm
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I’m debating whether or not to start twittering.


  • Fun
  • Keep up with people
  • Laugh a lot


  • Time vacuum
  • Distraction
  • One more thing to keep up with
  • I hate the word “twitter”

Convince me…


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You can twitter anytime. Its fun. Everybody does it! Even Perry. I guess I cant even convince myself. But it makes you laugh!!

Comment by blytheworld

Do it. It makes for mega-fun and totally random communication.

Comment by jamiesalmon

You probably should considering being a Twit or Twitterer or what ever is the correct terminology (and so should I).
I say this because as a professional observer of cultural trends and behavioral patterns, I predict a significant negative and exclusivistic(i think i just invented a word)backlash from the Twitter Nation aimed at those of us who do not conform.
Oh, you can be sure it will be well hidden and couched in smug disapproval, but before you know it those of us who do not Twitter will be forced into doing all the jobs which require having both thumbs free from an iPhone touch screen. The likely next phase will be the decent of non-Twits to underground dwellings and finally, total domination by the Twitterers.
The national mantra will become “I Twitter, therefore I am.”.
It is a bleak future, but there you have it.
So I say you go Twitter gurl!!!!

Comment by Chip Schneider

I find it to be a distraction and a waste of time.

Comment by charles

I say distraction.

Comment by Jill

How many plates are you carrying now? How many balls do you juggle? It seems that all these silly little areas in the long run really only deny us of some quiet time that we continue to fill with stuff.
Remember, these are the thoughts from an old man that shaved his head at 50 because it was cheaper than a convertible…get it, take the top down, mid-life reference!

Comment by Dan White

You can probably make time if you twit in moderation. Just eliminate other non value added tasks and you’re home free.

Comment by Grant McCurley

Tempting; possibly addicting; distracting; in general not a good use of your talents – I say it would just be another thing to keep up with. Isn’t a blog good enough?

Comment by Julie Brown

Do it! It really is fun… slightly addicting… but a lot of fun!

Comment by shane

You have to twitter, that way people can stalk you

Comment by Adam Johnson

Welcome to the world of twitter. Just have fun!!

Comment by blytheworld

yet another thing in our already overcrowded lives and a distraction from talking to those that are IN FRONT of you at the time. Yes, I too think it is fun…but must confess that I’m not excited about another techno tool that keeps people plugged into a little device instead of smiling at the person on the sidewalk, in the airport, at the mall….let’s get back to PEOPLE, and forget about the fact that “someone” wants to know every thought and detail of my life.

you asked!

Comment by jane

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