Memorial Day recap
May 27, 2008, 9:34 am
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Ok…I have to share these pictures.

John and I went to the Biltmore House for a memorial day adventure…it was INSANE!!!!!!!

#1. I can’t believe 3 people lived in that huge mansion. They had over 30 servants. What?!

#2. The dude owned 125,000 acres of land – equivalent to FOUR counties. 19 miles up to Pisgah National forest and 20 miles past it. Holy cow.

#3. Some kind of locust bugs were in season and there was a loud car alarm sounding hum in the woods. Creepy.

#4. The best part of the day might have been visiting with the mule down on the farm. She needs a little dental work….


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I love the Biltmore. It is amazing. I asked how much it cost to build it and they did not keep records. You should go during Christmas, absolutely beautiful. Miss you girl.

Comment by Jill

[…] in Asheville, NC yesterday and had a wonderful time with Syd.  Some pictures from that event are here.  It was pretty amazing.  I went when I was in the fourth grade, and nothing seems any smaller […]

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Want to hear something awesome….He didn’t keep up with the price of the house and how much it cost to build it. They can find no record of it. You know you’re spending too much when you don’t keep up with the cost of it.

Also..Thomas Edison…wired the whole house. How cool is that?

Glad you liked it. We had a great time when we went in February! 🙂

Comment by Candice Lanning

Oooohhhh! I love the history in that place! Saw it at Christmas time – what a great trip! I am anxious to go again!

Comment by Julie Brown

The thing that amazes me is that Vandy opened that house in 1895. It was the largest privately owned home in America at the time. Considering all the “big money” folks that live in this country…Bill Gates, Donald Trump, etc…. Biltmore has never been out done in size….It still holds that honor. Pretty awesome!

Comment by Terry Thompson

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