May 29, 2008, 3:16 pm
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OK, doing a little recon….

I need to know the craziest/most fun/insane/awesome GAMES you’ve ever played!!

I’m not talking about operation, chess, or monopoly.

I’m talking about things like feeding someone cheetos with your feet (thank you Whitney Rankin).

Think back to youth camps, summer camps, birthday parties…dig deep!

This should be fun!


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Being from the south, we used to play a game where 2 students teamed up to shuck corn with their feet, barefooted. Or, we also had them compete on peeling a banana barefooted as well.

Comment by Mark Williams

From a Greenville Drive game: unfold and put on a frozen t-shirt

Comment by Tiffany Tucker

I remember once at a youth rally, we had to see how many kids we could pack into a volkswagon. I don’t remember what the winning number was but I remember people being stuck everywhere!

Comment by Michelle

Use swim goggles and plastic cover-ups for protection. 2 contestants, each armed with a squirt gun, will take five paces and turn to duel. On each of their foreheads, you will have attached an Alka-seltzer tablet with double stick tape (possibly use big rubber bands if tape doesn’t work). They draw and shoot the water at each other, the first one to dissolve the tablet on the other’s forehead wins. The tablet will fizz and foam all over the place.

Have towels close by for clean-up. A western song (think Clint Eastwood or Lone Ranger) and some “cowboys” or “cowgirls” add to this one.

Comment by Raye Lawing

Divide into several teams. Give each team a platter and a few cans of alphabet soup, or for a less messy option, a box of Alphabits cereal. Each team must sift through the goo or cereal to spell words or names.

Points are earned for:
– words or names with three letters
– words or names with four letters
– words or names with five or more letters
– higher points for spiritual words
– the biggest word gets a lot of points

Set a time limit to do this (maybe 5 minutes or so).

Comment by Raye Lawing

duck, duck, goose!

Red Rover

Comment by davidjolley

honey if you love me you’ll smile!!! duh… best game EVER!!!

Comment by brad cooper

Lawn Darts (jarts)… blindfolded. it’s a blast!!!! keeps you on your toes too.

Comment by brian price

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