PIcture of the day
June 10, 2008, 10:41 am
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I saw this picture of the day today for National Geographic.

It made me laugh out loud and brought back nightmarish memories of a time when I dressed like that.

Still unbelievable.


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Not a nightmare. I loved it. Miss you girl. Need to see you soon

Comment by Jill

I remember that. That was the first time I saw you I think. Mia said you were Penny Penguin. Sydney. You need to dress up more.

Comment by Blythe Adams

It was not a nightmare…. It was COOL…(Sorry pun intended.) It was great stuff, one of those amazing only at NewSpring moments where someone would do announcements as a Penguin.

I love our church !!!!!!!!

Comment by charles

I’m with Charles…that was shortly after we started attending NS…my husband (coming from a catholic background) still talks about it…it’s the thinking outside the box that rocks peoples hearts.

Comment by jane

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